Disk Clean Pro App Reviews

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App is failing to open

Today something’s wrong with this app, it’s not opening. I deleted from my computer and tried to reinstall it but there’s an error message going on. Please fix this issue, thanks.

Great Performance

Fast …. very fast . I highly recommend it .


This app is working so quickly on my aging MBP that I wonder if its even doing anything. Recommended!


This app is so light, fast and super effective.


Love this app! It’s as good as the other apps where you have to pay $40 or more! This does the job just as good. Very user friendly. I would suggest before spending money on the other system cleaning softwares try "Disc Clean Pro” first, you’ll be glad you did.

Can’t close this program

Cant close it after scan.

Money for nothing !!

Don’t work :-((

Can’t open, virus report, home directory bug

Bitdefender detected Application.MAC.OSX.Tuneup.A resident during install. Maybe a mistake but should be fixed. Tried to launch but a dialog asks to confirm home folder. Ok, I did it, but my home folder is not on default /Users/Myhome but /Volumes/SSD/Myhome and there’s a bug saying “home directory does not match!!”. Oh well… for now, I can’t eve open it so I will wait for an update to give it a try. 1 star for now.


This application is reported as a virus my computer. Soon after my attempts (2) to install the application my computer, the mousepad/trackpad began to function erratically. My Iphone 6, which I sync to my computer, has begun having problems as well.

Do not buy. Doesn’t work

thank goodness i didn’t pay much. this software will not open up. Says “The application “Disk Clean Pro.app” can’t be opened. What a waste. The Apple Team needs to remove this product from there Apple Store.

Good Product

I’m very satisfied with the purchase of this product and performance, will install in my macbook as well and hoping for updates to make a good product greater for all my macs at home.

Seems to work

This was my first use of the app and will update after I see it work. As of first use it cleaned 99% but kept stopping and asking to rate app. A little annoying.

Sophos rates this app as containing Malware and Adware

So, after purchasing? Uninstalled without testing. Will be requesting a refund.

Purchase Blocked by Sophos Anti-Virus

The title says it all. When I went to download this, Sophos Anti-Virus blocked the download as AdWare. I can’t think of anything to add to that; I think it speaks for itself. I should probably dispute the charge as a matter of principle, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort for only one dollar. If nothing else, though, I can at least warn of the danger to others who might not be running security software of their own.

Good Product

I’m satisfied with the purchase of this product and performance, will install in my macbook as well and hoping for updates to make a good product greaterfor all my macs at home

Best Mac Disk Cleaner Indeed!

Ive run several different disk and junk file cleaners on my Macs over the past 10 years, and all have either something to be desired or didnt work as assured by the software/app developer. Disk Clean Pro not only has all the features in a disk cleaning app that I prefer (like fast, thurough scanning a no-nonsense, streamlined and user-friendly menu), but also has 24/7 customer service in the form of toll-free “Live help”. So far it also appears to be impervious to virus invasion problems (which I’d occassionally had problems with in the past (especially with Mackeeper). All in all, Id highly recommend Disk Clean Pro to anyone who’d like to keep their Mac clean, effieciently running, in tip-top shape!

It doesnt make much sense...

...to try to rate an apps effectiveness before having the opportunity to evaluate its results. The utility itself whirrs and grinds and whooshes around and the countdowns spin and toil in an impressive fashion. If it works as well as it wants us to believe it does, then I give it a high rating, And my name isnt Umped. Where did that come from?

Seems to work fast!

I’m pleased with it and have recovered a couple of gigs of space! Thanks!


This app was simple and easy and it took longer to drink my coffee than do the clean.

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